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Re: [f-cpu] Emulator with System C

Michael Riepe wrote:

> The *real* problem is that computers have become a catch all for
> stuff. Let's go back to pencil and paper - no wait, let's cast
> everything in stone - no wait, let's climb back onto the trees where
> we once came from.
> Anybody else who wants to waste my time?

I guess you have never used DOS on the PC or CP/M! really bad hardware
and software
that never had interrupts. Windows does have interrupts ( random ones at
that -- look
at the blue screen of death ).
I like old computers for many reasons , one being that they are simple
in design.
My the F-CPU is only good for BIG, POWER HUNGARY OS'S like u**x or DOZE.
I bet over 2/3's of all the computers used are hidden in some product or
use 16 bits or less. A good system has hardware/software balanced and
all this talk of CAS instructions seems to stray from the KISS
SPEED SPEED SPEED is not the only thing important in a CPU- design,what
about programming (like assembly) and user interfaces.The best OS I have
seen was OS/9 for the 6809 none of this BLOATED stuff like LINUX.**
Right now having a design working is more important, I will leave now so
Michael can get back to work. 

** LINUX is good as command line OS , but never was ment as interactive
desktop as the current trend is today with OS's.
Ben Frantic - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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