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[f-cpu] Re: Simili 2


Haneef Mohammed wrote:
> Hi YG,
> Sorry for the late reply.
no worries :-)

> Interesting idea of writing
> out an elaborated netlist. However, there are some hurdles
> because by the time I elaborate things, some information
> (that may be critical to synthesis) is lost, expressions get
> optimized and munged, and type information may get cloberred.
> Let me think about it....
if you need help, you'll find it.
however, all i was referring to was a simple "dirty hack"
(a few hundreds lines of C code) and trying to make a synthesiser
would make it more complex than everything. If we stick
to the idea of a "pretty-printed dump", it will be easy.
However you're the person who decides so i'll follow your choice.

Btw i asked the same question to Cadence and the answer
is less interested.

> I have some news though. I have the linux version ready
> for trial rides. The simulator/compiler are very stable
> and the GUI is pretty mature....

congratulations !

> I have a few users using it now. I was wondering if you
> were interested in giving it a try (You will need RedHat 7.1
> or compatible).

of course i'm interested ! :-)

on top of that, i am about to write a french article
entitled "developping in VHDL under Linux". This would
be a french, redacted version of the VHDL-HOWTO.f-cpu i wrote
when installing VHDL tools. I will shortly describe how
we design the F-CPU with Vanilla and Simili. If i can get
my hands on S2 within the next few days, i'll simply bypass
the part where Wine is configured :-)

I forward this answer to the F-CPU lists because i think
that other people would like to test S2 as well.
Thank you for the good news : i needed them today
(i have learnt today that i won't do the doctorate things
at the department where i am now. too bad).

If you want to upload S2, you can use our anonymous ftp
(user= anonymous, password=emailaddress) at ftp.seul.org,
in the pub/f-cpu/contrib directory.

thank you for your help,
> Regards,
> Haneef
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