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[f-cpu] (Code Review) Call for general/public code review


it's incredible, what i can think of when i'm not sitting before
the computer (i won't speak about where i was sitting when this one

the idea is : everyday, a new file from the F-CPU VHDL code source tree
is posted and discussed the following days on the list.
The poster will be the one who wrote the file or modified it last.
The original poster will write as many comment and explanations as possible.
This way, we can synchronize our files and understanding of the project.
We will be able to discuss about the overall and detailed coding strategy
during a few months. I don't expect all files to trigger big discussions,
so a good proportion of files will be hardly noticed. This will leave enough
time/bandwidth for the discussions about important stuffs.

Can anybody setup a CROND ? :-)

btw: all posts related to the public code review should have a subject
beginning with (CR) followed by the local path and name of the file
in the f-cpu directory. This way, we will not get confused about the
discussion if two files have the same name.

any idea / suggestion / comment ?

PS : Simili 2 is going to rock under Linux :-)
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