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Re: [f-cpu] Fwd: announce: VHDL front-end for GCC


cedric wrote:

>Read on the GCC mailing-list. It's a good news I think.

It's one of the best news ever in the project.
If it was ready before (and even in early beta)
it would have saved some work. However it
is a good thing to continue the compliance
tests with other commercial tools.

I also hope that it can run on other architectures
and on SMP systems. i just got my hands on an unused
Digital^WCompaq^WHewlett Packard DS20 with a huge
amount of RAM and two 500MHz EV67 CPUs... i would
be that it simply kicks ass. And it has a RedHat already
installed but i don't know how to boot it yet :-D ....


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