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[f-cpu] YOU ARE A WINNER!!!


Congratulations Category A prize winner! You have been selected as one of two winners of the Worldwide Premier Lotto UK computer ballot draws and thus will be a privileged recipient of the grand draw prize of  7,500,000 (Seven million five hundred thousand Great Britain Pounds only). Winning File Reference number for your prize is WWPL/UK/ 61-812087; ticket number

We in the Worldwide Premier Lotto UK is by this program,launching our model computer balloting lottery draws,developed and designed to satisfy the cravings of the ever growing number of participants in our various lottery programs. With funds accrued exclusively from previous draws, payouts to all
winners are guaranteed and will be transferred in record time.

After randomly selecting 15,000 participants from an
initial database of 300,000 emails and zoning all participants by their respective continents from across the globe, we produced an extensive list from which you have emerged as one of the winners of the Grand Draw prize.

To ensure a smooth collection of your winnings, the
transfer of your prize is to be handled by our Prize Transfer agents. You are to contact our agent Mr. Simon Perchard by email via the email address:
sperchard17@linkfinanceandtrustltd.net and/or fax within a week of receiving this notice. Please find full contact details below:

Mr. Simon Perchard
Finance Director
Link Finance and Trust Ltd.
20 - 24 St. Leonard's Road
Windsor SL4 3BB, United Kingdom
Great Britain
Tel: (+44) 709 204 1843
Fax: (+44) 709 203 9288

Also find all other relevant winning lottery information
Draw Serial No: 35/751346
Batch No: 06-A852
Zonal Draw No: A2-003
Grand Draw No: 12099

You are seriously advised to keep all winning lottery
information and numbers from the public in line with our company security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by unscrupulous individuals.

Please direct all further correspondences and queries to your respective category Prize Transfer handlers.
Congratulations once again from the Worldwide Premier Lotto family.


Joseph Finn
International Promotions Manager

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