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Re: Re: [f-cpu] 2R2W SHL

On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 06:31:41PM +0200, whygee@club-internet.fr wrote:
> >The alternative approach is to use rotates as the basic element,
> ???
> where do you fetch these ideas ?...

*They* fetch *me* ;)

> >Yep... I like the idea.  How do we call it, dshiftl? shiftd? shiftx?
> no idea...
> what about sh ? :-) [why make it complex ?]

And the SIMD variant will be called `ssh'? ;)

 Michael "Tired" Riepe <Michael.Riepe@stud.uni-hannover.de>
 "All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die"
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