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[f-cpu] Re:

hi !

justin anderson <justina@cat.co.za> :
>Hi All,
>just a coment, I did a bit of testing on an Intel pentium III 700MHz in C using

what compiler ?
what options ?

>A simple program to test the number of multiplies that can be done per unit

what kind of multiplies ?
8, 16, 32 or 64 bits ?

>the results were roughly as follows 
>100M/sec for int multiplies.
>5M/sec for floating point..
>a bit disapointing on the floating point side. 

on the int side too !
PIII has SSE2 : you can do multiplies in parallel and pipelined mode.

>An alcheapo TMS processor 40MHz can do 40MFLOPS(probably
> marketing speed though)
probably : they will count non-arithmetic FP moves as 'OPS'.

>This explains why it battles with simulation type packages. Matlab, and spice.

BTW i have seen that Nico did an article (in french) on this matter :-)

>cheers justin.

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