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[f-cpu] Re: Project short description


>De: Juergen Goeritz <goeritz@oekomm.de>
>Hi Yann,
>soon I will write a project summary for my new cluster
>architecture. It would be great to include the f-cpu as
>central vector processor into this new SOC design.
SoC ? :-))

>Do I have the agreement with the f-cpu team to use the
>f-cpu in my design and try to go for funding from germany
>and/or EU? If yes, do you have a short summary of f-cpu
>that can be used and included into the overall project
>summary? Basically I have to decide now whether to
>include the f-cpu into the application request for
>funding or not. Your okay is necessary to include it.

i will repeat it again : my name is NOT F-CPU :-)
just ask on the mailing list. i believe that others will
be pleased to help.

Concerning the description, there are several documents out
there, download the CVS tarball with the documentation
and the websites. A french "brochure" is available but
a translation will be needed.
Also, external papers have been written by me and others :
Andreas from http://www.gaos.org/ has written a german
introduction paper. I think that it is on the GAOS CVS.

Any help from the F-CPUers welcome :-)

>My best regards
good luck and keep in touch,

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