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[f-cpu] YG's electronic postcard from under Heathrow

hi !

so yes Graham has finally setup an account for me on his
computer so i can access (with difficulties) my email.

I did not expect Heathrow to be so ... close, but i can cope with it. I lived close to a railway ten years
ago. But the good side is that Graham's personal library
contains all the books required to prepare the coming year
at the university :-) so don't worry for me. And if i EVER
get bored, i have brought my laptop and i can play Tetris
on xemacs. i got up to 2980 yesterday.

I'll check my mail every few days. i'm now working on VHDL
and package stuffs. being far from emails boosts my
productivity :-)

read you soon,
 i'm an alien,
 i'm a legal alien,
 i'm a frenchman in London)
(adapted from Sting)

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