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Re: Re: [f-cpu] Re: Project short description

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> Thanks a lot for some interesting explanations of your view
> of 'free' software and hardware.

What is the problem to add your work under the GPL to the F-CPU?

Because if you are the "Urheber" of your(!) code/design you can use GPL as
a general license and for industrial ports/usage you can deliver a special

I think, the F-CPU is a project with ideas and work of so many people, so
nobody can you give another license than GPL for the whole project. That
is a fact, and I believe that is the right way. Nobody of us is interested
to found a shareholder company to develop this project.

Somebody of us think, a company should develop or paid all libs which they
use for a softwareproject or distribute all of their project under the
GPL-License, because the company should decide between this two options.

In my opinion everybody who takes 10.000 lines of code should return 10
lines. Any private members do not know how how to code, but everybody
can help (suggestions, ideas, documentation, discussion, bugreports,
translation, sponsoring and so on.)

Bye Andreas

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