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Re: [f-cpu] Re: Project short description

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Michael Riepe wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 09:08:28PM +0200, whygee@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > >De: Juergen Goeritz <goeritz@oekomm.de>
> [...]
> > >Do I have the agreement with the f-cpu team to use the
> > >f-cpu in my design and try to go for funding from germany
> > >and/or EU? If yes, do you have a short summary of f-cpu
> > >that can be used and included into the overall project
> > >summary? Basically I have to decide now whether to
> > >include the f-cpu into the application request for
> > >funding or not. Your okay is necessary to include it.
> Wait a minute, Jürgen...  you want to do WHAT?
> Precisely, please.

Long story... To make it short some headlines only -
new architecture for cluster computing - want to go for
EU or german funding for this project - performant user
processor still to be decided on (may be either a LEON
extended to 64bit or F-CPU or other 64bit architecture
that can be used for embedded) - system on chip design
already specified - team to be built for realization -
drawback: new architecture is not built as open source...

I like f-cpu because it is extendable to higher bitwidth
later on and seems to be designed for low gate count.

So what's the basic feeling of you people involved in
f-cpu design and simulation to include f-cpu into a
system? I am interested in your views very much.


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