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[f-cpu] Re: Display Terminal Clusters

I couldn't let it pass!!!!!!!!!
Juergen Goeritz stated----
forget it!  in the time of networking it's useless to focus
on display terminals at all.  you just need a single display!
Only if you go for real-time cluster 3D simulation in some
flight simulators or weather simulators will be more than a
single display involved'
And please stop your announcements on this mailing list now,
Thank you
And further;
Look at Richard, he thinks the display is the center of all.
He is misleaded too.  He just sees it from his application.
And my response is --------bullshit to both of your uneducated responses.
The number of terminals in any system is guided by the Processor performance,
if you don't want the user (people) to wait for data responses.  Most are presently unhappy with Novel networking because of WAIT time with peak user requests.
I have addressed the unhappy ones with the design of the ERIN32 -- an M2M architecture.  That is exactly where the f-cpu was at its inception quite some time ago.  And the f-cpu is targeted toward Game Machines (single user) and Flight Simulators,  and Weather simulators - very high performance stuff.  I am targeting the World of Business where more than one terminal is required. 
    I stated all of the above before you entered the scene - Yann Guidon knows this as well as others.
    Since all of my designs use SCHEMATIC input and f-cpu is VHDL, the only help I can be is to provide what I have - if requested.
    I will continue to provide tidbits of information to f-cpu whether you like it or not.
And to f-cpu design team I say - keep going guys & gals!!!!
Richard E. Hartney
Research Director
Erin Greene & Associates