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[f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL and Juergen Goeritz' SoC


At first I want to apologize for my comments, since I am lurker on this list, 
with exception of some very few side remarks. But in my opinion the project of 
Juergen Goeritz could be important to the f-cpu project. I am afraid that a 
chance for funding might be given away without looking for a good solution which 
could make evrybody happy. 

The situation as I see it, is as follows:
Juergen Goeritz seems to be prepared to base a major development effort on the 
f-cpu, which is not even completely defined yet (see discussion on "Dark and 
dusty corners"). He is prepared to throw major resources at the f-cpu project. 
He wants to protect his own development effort.
The key persons are not willing to switch to LGPL just for Juergen Goeritz.

Is it possible to draw a clear line where the f-cpu ends, and where the other 
parts of Juergen Goeritz' SoC starts ? If that is possible, the f-cpu project 
could offer a special license to Juergen Goeritz. He would be allowed to use the 
f-cpu for his project, in exchange for contributions to the project to be 
negotiated. Changes to the f-cpu itself arising from his project would be put 
into the f-cpu, but the work on the rest of his SoC would remain his own. All 
people contributing code would have to agree on this special license.

The situation would be similar to the mySQL license: If your code is GPL, it use 
it for free; if you want it inside propriatory code, get a license. The GPL does 
not preclude the author to give somebody an additional license.

Now the most important question:
Is a compromise along these lines ok, both for Juergen Goeritz and the key 
people (whygee, Michael Riepe, nico, ...) ?

I hope this will trigger a discussion about a compromise

Thilo Reichelt

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