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Re: [f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL and Juergen's SoC

> [...]
> > I am interested in the development of a pipeline floating point
> > instruction set. Development for F-CPU is only interesting for
> > me if I can use the F-CPU with my mCluster design.
> You won't contribute anything unless it helps your project?
> Is that what you mean?

I can't work my time on a free project just for fun. I have
to look for the bills to get paid too. In my free time I am
designing water falls, ponds and streams for renaturation
and garden/park surroundings when I am not seeding trees.

> [...]
> > The story behind why I was complaining about GPL use in
> > the F-CPU project is that I believe that it is not really
> > covering your work. GPL was designed as software license.
> > It should be adapted to cover hardware development first.
> > See some explanations in other mails.
> Juergen, you contradict yourself.  On one hand, you claim that the
> GPL does not cover (and thus protect) the F-CPU and that it should be
> replaced, on the other hand you proposed a license that offers even *less*
> protection but allows you to use the F-CPU in your proprietary design.

There a two parts in me about your project. First part wants
F-CPU to become real and help the contributors. And that's
why I complained about using GPL for the project because I
think it's not covering what you want.

The second part would rather use F-CPU in my own design
instead of writing a new cpu. It was very interesting to
see how people from 'free' projects react when one wants
to use their baby in another design. Good learning lesson.


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