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RE: [f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL and Juergen's SoC

> The second part would rather use F-CPU in my own design
> instead of writing a new cpu. It was very interesting to
> see how people from 'free' projects react when one wants
> to use their baby in another design. Good learning lesson.
License issues don't interest me and I didn't properly read the mails about
them. But here is someone (JG) who wants to help and wants to actually use
the F-CPU in a real project. Why not welcome him with open arms and see how
he can contribute? Perhaps his angle could provide the impetus to one day
really make the F-CPU a physical reality rather than just dream about it.
Or, at least to increase the probability of that happenning, which it seems
to me is currently not that high.

> JG
Hans Summers
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