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Re: [f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL and Juergen Goeritz' SoC

Michael Riepe wrote:
> I love standards -- there are so many of them to choose from ;(

Don't forget paper-tape I/O formats too for bootstrapping.
Here are some old computer doc's to know what puter's are really
like :)

A network interface may be the best 2nd GPL I/O device
developed.The Memory controller the first GPL device. As always
paper tape and punched cards optional equipment.
With memory/network interfaces on the FPGA you can get a simple
development board up quickly.

> I'm afraid that we may get an `interface explosion' when users start to
> populate the area around the F-CPU core with their own stuff.  In order
> to prevent that, we should provide a fixed, well-documented `general
> interface' and encourage people to connect to it instead of patching
> the core.

I go even further - develop a clean virtual cpu with simple I/O.
The OS then has fun job of mapping to the i/o but it looks to be
les complex than virtualizing real hardware.

Also VHDL I don't think is the best way to document the F-CPU.
The F-cpu should be able to be recreated from from original
documents. Testing on the real hardware is still important and
test programs needed to be written for the F-CPU hardware. 
F-CPU simulation is important but it is the hardware that gets

As long as we have leaders like YG ( The System designer? ) who
know what direction the F-CPU will take I don't think we will
have a patched and hacked system like the PC developed into.

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