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it seems that these mails did not go to the list.
sorry for the delay.

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i did not see that message before...

Andreas Romeyke wrote:
> Hello,
> On Tue, 4 Sep 2001 whygee@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > how much chocolate could i buy with 100K DM ?
> At "Aldi"-Discounter you get 0,1 kg for 0,59 DM... means 16949 kg

usually, the kind of chocolate (say : "cocoa") i buy is much
more expensive but is of far better quality :-) it's around
100DM/kg and it comes from Madagascar, Venezuela, Java...

> Have fun and a good smelling
damnit, there's no chocolate left at home !
i'll have to buy some tomorrow or i'll be sick... :-)

> Bye Andreas
PS : i had fortunately brought some "real chocolate" in London !
i searched "decent" chocolate and only found stuff "made in Belgium" :-/

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