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Re: [f-cpu] last word about license ;-) was Re: encore une couche (was: Re:[f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL andJuergen Goeritz' SoC)


Andreas Romeyke wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Yann Guidon wrote:
> > i think that we will probably adopt this strategy (if everybody agrees, and
> > principally Michael) But the problem of the GPL remains : we will have to
> > "redefine" several terms of the licence, and it would be better to rewrite
> > it completely to avoid any misunderstanding.
> I discussed this topic a while back- and towards at GAOS. The meaning was
> "if you are the owner of intellectual property, you can explicitly
> describe in which context/topic you want to interprete the GPL (or another
> license). It's independend to that what other means (aka RMS), because he
> (or another) is not the owner of this intellectual property"
> It is easy, is not it?
> It is right, is not it?
> It is described in F-CPU-manual, is not it?

Of course it would be good to have a "serious legal advisor"
because i don't think that the existing F-CPU charter fills this
role "completely" and in a legally enforceable way.
To answer your questions :
 - yes it seems easy. The manual gives some background
   and the place to define the exact meaning is the charter.
 - whether it is right, i do not know for certain :
   i'm not a specialist (otherwise the problem would be aleardy solved).
 - The description in the manual can be altered whenever needed.

I won't do the licencing stuff alone : i count on you all
(f-cpu and others) to participate in the discussion and find
the most apropriate solution (that is : not too much compromises).
I don't have the courage to do the chore of rereading the GPL and
make a glossary that will help people interpret the GPL when
applied to the F-CPU. If others want to help, please let us know.

have a nice week-end, everybody.

> Bye Andreas
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