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Re: [f-cpu] Far from the last word about license ;-) (long and rambling)

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 07:18, you wrote:
> Wait a minute...  I didn't mean to forbid the use of the F-CPU in an
> entire country or state.  Neither in the US, nor in Russia, China or
> Afghanistan.  But I want people to recognize that they're responsible
> for what they do with it.
Fair enough, but again, the people who make guided missiles don't care anyway 
and those that do care choose not to make guided missiles. I feel it would be 
preaching to the converted and add complexity to the licence that would serve 
little purpose as it would be ignored by those it applied to.

I would be happy to see a preamble to the licence talking about moral use of 
the IP. You then achieve the awareness aspect without obstuficating (sp?) the 
licence. The simpler the licence (within reason) the more solid it is, I feel.

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