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Re: encore une couche (was: Re: [f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL andJuergen Goeritz' SoC)


Andreas Romeyke wrote:
> Hello,
> > > > > If they want to use fcpu, they should release under the GPL code. Great for us !
> > > > release what ? the modified source.
> > > No the code of the coprocessor.
> > what is the difference ?
> > if the coprocessor is inside the core, yes, if it is interfaced using the standard
> > extensions, i see no problem.
> Erm, the GPL forbids linking propritary content with GPL. But this can be
> defined in our interpretation in a way linux does.

i don't like to play with definitions and words : it's an endless game.
I recently lit a discussion about GPL/FSF/Electronics/etc on the french
FSF/APRIL mailing list and the people there prefer to discuss about the
meaning of what i write, instead of finding solution. I start to be
_really_ desperate :-//

> I suggest, we define a strict interface to f-cpu, which are similiar with
> a limes to our GPL-protected f-cpu-design. We should decide between
> feature-enhancements inside of f-cpu and feature-enhancements outside. Out
> side is a "zu weites Feld", but if we want include sources into the core,
> it must be GPL-ized.

i think that we will probably adopt this strategy (if everybody agrees, and
principally Michael) But the problem of the GPL remains : we will have to
"redefine" several terms of the licence, and it would be better to rewrite
it completely to avoid any misunderstanding.

> > I hope that we will find some help soon. APRIL, GAOS, CCC ?...
> > We will discuss about this next time we meet (soon).
> Do you meant these?

I meant that i will speak with nicO this week-end (we sometimes meet
in Paris). But of course, meeting you will be a pleasure (if you want).
Except that unless you come to Paris, it will be difficult to meet you
before several months. Going to the 18C3 would be a solution.

> Bye Andreas
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