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Re: [f-cpu] HDL simulation and synthesis question...


Nikolai Dimitrov wrote:

Good day to everyone, reading this mail list.
I'm interesting what simulation and synthesis tools
you are using, under Linux and Windows?
Which of them is apropriate for simulate and build F-CPU?

it's all explained there :
currently, i only have VanillaVHDL working on my computer.

Which FPGA do you prefer to work with and
which one of them can hold current F-CPU code?

F-CPU shall be technology and vendor independent
soeveryone can choose his preferred chip family.
but even the incomplete sources of today require a very, very large FPGA.
For example, the multiplier is quite huge and does not
exploit any acceleration found in some recent devices.

10x in advance!

Best regards,

Nikolai Dimitrov, a.k.a. PicMaster
Rousse, Bulgaria, Europe


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