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(FC-Devel) Re: none

Hi, Chris! 

Continuing to catch up the list.

>>>>> "CMM" == Chris M. Moore  writes:

CMM> Current situation

CMM> Software development today is a costly affair.  CASE tools have long
CMM> been advocated as the solution to this problem and yet most code is
CMM> still hand written.  The reasons given for this include:

CMM> (1) CASE tools are expensive.  (2) do not scale well to team use.  (3)
CMM> are a pain to use.  (4) locks me in to one supplier by being
CMM> incompatible with other vendors tools.

I've added this paragraph as the opening of the <q/Current situation/.  
This makes move to the software models smooth.

CMM> Justification for and nature of changes (or Background, Objectives and
CMM> Scope?)

CMM> FreeCASE is an ambitious project which aims to provide an open
CMM> implementation of a CASE tool.  In this way, we hope to spread best
CMM> practise software engineering practises throughout the industry.

CMM> At its heart will be a Respository for the Software Models which will be
CMM> multi-user, Internet enabled and based on open standards.  Muliple
CMM> diverse clients are planed which will allow manipulation of the Software
CMM> Models from all platforms.

Sorry, I don't think it would be appropriate.  This looks to me more as
position statement (we've had enough already) than a part of technical
document.  Will be happy to be proven wrong.

CMM> Req 6 Delete Model Tag.  I'd rather we weren't able to delete model
CMM> tags.  I'd prefer we were be able to filter which ones are displayed.  I
CMM> have often deleted files only to have to restore them from backups.
CMM> Alternatively we could make this an administrator only function.

Deleting model tag won't delete any model elements, it will delete only the 
record about some version snapshot.  This woul be quite handy and, if
removed, the operation set would be incomplete.  

Dangerous?  Possibly, but the same doesn't forces to throw out knifes from
your kitchen and 'rm' from your /bin :)

CMM> Alternatives and Trade Offs (right at end).  This conflicts with earlier
CMM> statements about the sandbox and having tools communicate with the
CMM> client.  Or am I being thick?

Hmm... It's rather late here (in Kiev) now.  Could you explain how does it

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