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Re: (FC-Devel) Re: none

> Hi, Chris! 

Hi Andrey,


> CMM> Justification for and nature of changes (or Background, Objectives and
> CMM> Scope?)

> Sorry, I don't think it would be appropriate.  This looks to me more as
> position statement (we've had enough already) than a part of technical
> document.  Will be happy to be proven wrong.

That's OK.  I was just aiming to get a bit of propaganda up front. :)


> Deleting model tag won't delete any model elements, it will delete only the 
> record about some version snapshot.  This woul be quite handy and, if
> removed, the operation set would be incomplete.  
> Dangerous?  Possibly, but the same doesn't forces to throw out knifes from
> your kitchen and 'rm' from your /bin :)

It _is_ possible to delete tags with CVS, although it comes with a health
warning. :o)

> CMM> Alternatives and Trade Offs (right at end).  This conflicts with earlier
> CMM> statements about the sandbox and having tools communicate with the
> CMM> client.  Or am I being thick?
> Hmm... It's rather late here (in Kiev) now.  Could you explain how does it
> conflict? 

Hmm, I think I understand know.  I thought that the sandbox was a copy of the
CVS repository but of course CVS has its own internal format for storing CM
items.  I think I'm arguing for the same solution but from a different

Chris Moore