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(FC-Devel) Implementing FreeCASE

Hi eveybody,

I have been thinking about our previous approach on building FreeCASE. I 
believed that the easiest way to begin was to retrieve the OMG Corba 
definition of UML and then implement it. The results have been quite poor 
mainly due to technical issues (impossible to split the huge IDL file and 
impossible to compile it on a +200Mo computer). The only way out seems to 
start from a correct program and the add a Corba compatible layer that 
transforms the objects' interface according to the OMG standard.

So I have sbeen looking for a platform for implementing a Core FreeCASE 
program (which means able to implement the static models of UML with a GUI).
 I am currently working with C++ because I feel more comfortable with it 
than Java (yes, what about Argo then ?) and because Qt (http://www.troll.no)
 seems to be a nice GUI library. I have quite a clear idea on the client 
architecture (with MVC).

Any comment and help would be great as usual.

    Sami BEN GRINE
    FreeCASE project coordinator.