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Re: (FC-Devel) Concept Oriented Design

Sorry...  I sent you to Lucent and I should have said "PARC".

Here's the URL for you to look at:


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From: Jarillon <jarillon@atlantic-line.fr>
To: Kenneth LeFebvre <klefebvre@null.net>
Cc: Chen Ofek <cheno@glx.chief.co.il>; freecase-devel@freecase.seul.org
Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: (FC-Devel) Concept Oriented Design

>Kenneth LeFebvre wrote:
>> Do a web-search at Lucent Technologies website for their current
>> research on what they call "Aspect-Oriented" development.
>Please, can you give an URL ? I have found a lot of URL's exept the good
one !
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>> From: Chen Ofek <cheno@glx.chief.co.il>
>> To: freecase-devel@freecase.seul.org <freecase-devel@freecase.seul.org>
>> Date: Sunday, August 02, 1998 2:50 PM
>> Subject: (FC-Devel) Concept Oriented Design
>> I think we should develop a new design methodology.
>Does this methodology is intended to replace UML, or is a layer above UML ?
>Anyway, we need a compliant structure for FreeCASE to allow both of them in
>> I am working for two and a half years with Object Oriented  methodology
>> and I find it to be a good methodology, but there are problems with OO.
>> If you have good design and good objects with good interfaces its very
>> to
>> use OO design, but if for example you want to change interface for some
>> objects
>> it can be a big task if you have a big project.
>> So, I will try to propose a more flexible methodology which OO is a
>> particular case.
>An interface is a node(a minima) in the complexity between two projects or
>The highest management of a project consist in the management of the
>versions of each interface. So, the interfaces defines subprojects which
>can be modified without other constraint than the respect of the
>The modifications of the interfaces are handled by the main manager.
>If a new methodology can overrule this, it want to know it !
>Anyway, I wish more information about "concepts".