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Re: (FC-Devel) Language Choice (C , java , C++)

Dear All,

 There was an Article in JOOP , I think by Shellor Mellor stating the
Need and Implementations of 

" Object Oriented Software ******Development ****** Language "  

rather than   

"Object Oriented Software ****Programming***** language"

It stated that the language should have the "native " Support for the
Development Process.i.e Support for "use cases " description and
linkages to program files etc.

It was worth a thought. Since now , we can assume 
that the methods wars are over wich probably UML in the fore runner (
no hard feelings ). And now necessarily PROCESS wars should start. 

Methodolies do not support Processes to the core except for
guideliness which now has to rise to new heights , something like
"Design patterns" for Prgramming , Imean "Design pattern for process"

The Software Develpment Process Needs to be addressed . The Article
had chose Eiffel with sme addition and called Eiffel+. I do advocate
Eiffel.For that reason , I do not a word of Eiffel but what I want to
draw attention

 " is the way we combine languages should be able to give Native
Support for process".

If not Supported by Language , we Should create idioms for the same
which would make development easy.



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