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Re: (FC-Devel) [Re: Concept Oriented Design ] + core features

Hi All!

Ken Boyer wrote:

> >>For every domain we should have a group of diagrams.
> >>I think that the most important feature will be to generate a set of
> >>diagrams for the Implementation Domain when given a set of Diagrams for
> >>the Solution Domain.
> >>If we can come up with an algorithm to transform between Problem Domain
> >>and Solution Domain it will be great.
> Perhaps we should allow for a language to be used to develop and
> customize this algorithm. Whatever language we use to develop this
> tool can be used to add these extensions. We just need to make the
> graphical language, etc. easy to manipulate and transform. I just
> don't think we can come up with a universal algorithm to accomplish
> these transformations.

I agree we probably can't come up with a universal algorithm.I think we should
use Guile as an extension language, the scheme syntax seems suitable
for our tool and it is a known extension language.

> >>In that way we can bootstrap our development and also use and check our
> >>tool as we develop it.
> By "check our tool", I assume that we would need some UML rules-checking
> built-in. This is another good feature to have at an early point in
> development.

I meant debugging when when I wrote "check out tool", though UML rules-checking
a good feature (actually I prefer Conceptual Graphs rules-checking :) but
I don't think it is important
for the first version.
these rules-checking should also be supported by the extension language.

Another nice features I have in mind is automatic building of test programs
from the design.
By test programs I mean those little executables we are building in order to
check one class or a sub-system.
But, again, also this feature can be delayed to future versions.