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(FC-Devel) FreeCASE repository

Hi, everybody !

The repository is created. It uses CVS 1.9 and its access is secured by ssh.
I have created an "initial" project which is exactly Argo.
Its location is http://www.seul.org/sys/doc/cvs/initial

To use the repository as a developer, it is a good advice to read
    Using SSH with CVS at http://www.seul.org/sys/doc/dev-faq/ssh-cvs-FAQ.html
Currently, everybody who will working on the freecase repository should have an account at cran.

If you don't enjoy or have no time to install cvs and ssh, send me your work, and I'll do it.
As I can access  the HTML directories of  FreeCASE, I can also create public files.
Tell me what you need, I'll do it !


About FreeCASE, I have read all the discussions. Its time for me to awake.

We need to define now, an ambitious architecture which allows the project to grow with sane bases. And in the same time, we must define reasonable goals which are included in it.
I my opinion, sub projects are necessary for the management of FreeCASE.
The limits between  sub projects need to be defined and included in the CVS tree at the same level than the sub projects themselves.

Pierre Jarillon