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Re: (FC-Devel) FreeCASE repository

In message <35DDFE2D.524B99ED@atlantic-line.fr>, jarillon@atlantic-line.fr writes:
>Hi, everybody !
>The repository is created. It uses CVS 1.9 and its access is secured by
>I have created an "initial" project which is exactly Argo.
>Its location is http://www.seul.org/sys/doc/cvs/initial

Eh? I'm confused. There is an 'initial' directory in your cvsroot,
which means that you can checkout the repository (if you have an
account on cran and are in the 'freecase' group) via "cvs checkout initial".
This doesn't mean that it's available via the web, and certainly not on
the SEUL project website itself.
You can set up a cvsweb interface (for reading) (via such programs as 'cvsweb'),
but it's not automatic.