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Re: (FC-Devel) Completely Bare Java Skeleton Up....

My reasons, are that JFC(swing) is way to slow, and I would like to get a
simple diagramming tool going without all of the overhead that jason's
diagramming tool has at the moment.  Aside from that, Jason's tool currently
supports java only--unless I am mistaken--and I need c++ support.  The java
code I am writing is just a second prototype from the qt code that I have.  I
haven't been able to locate the person at lockheed I need to talk to to get my
qt code released as gpl--which it was before I started using it on a project at
work--to the net.

"Duska, Jeff (Greenville)" wrote:

> I'm confused. While I think what Matthew has done is great, if we are going
> to use Java, I don't see the logical reason for not work with the Argo/UML
> group which already has all of the diagraming code working for some time.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Duska
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> Well, I got tired of trying to find who I need to ask for permission for
> my QT tool to be open sourced at my company.  So, last night I hacked
> out a framework in java for a Diagram Tool.  It was done with TogetherJ,
> so I have no 'diagrams' of it yet, I need to get some screen shots, as I
> cannot print from the Whiteboard version.  Anyway, it is at
> http://zeits.net/matt/FreeCASE.tar  it is about 250K and has very little
> comments, but the framework is well thought out.  I'll write up some
> comments on the framework, and get a preliminary reverse engineering
> facility set up as soon as I can draw some class diagrams--which should
> be RSN....8)
> Matt Zeits