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RE: (FC-Devel) End of project

Hi all,
I had just (few weeks back) joined the mailing list and had begun reading
the mail archives. I had  planned to compile a document for people who have
joined late, so that they can know the whole history of design decisions as
to why they were made and the current status where the project is. End of
this project is very sad.

I am the coordinator of the "Object Interest group" of my company and the
experience tells me that people (Even WILLING people) have to be forced to
something, sometimes. I have to often cajole, whitemail (as opposed to
blackmail), threaten :-) to get things done. AND IT TAKES huge amount of
time. I can still manage it because of INTRA-Company nature of this group of
mine. I can well understand the problems you guys might have faced, working
on a project of this magnitude, in addition to the normal JOB you hold.

Had I the experience, I would have been glad to handle this. Unfortunately I
am way too inexperienced.

Best wishes to Jeffrey M. Wolfe (who is going to have a change in his life)
and all the people who were involved in this project.
Good luck,
Vipul Kcoher