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Re: (FC-Devel) End of project

> Please let me know if you have any comments before I actually terminate
> the project.

Sorry to hear that you want to wind up the project, but I am not
surprised. I've been on the list since close to the beginning and have
not seen a single post that inspired me with any interest or confidence.
Sure there was lots of interesting stuff, but it was all
meta-discussion. What we should have done (and still could do) *IS GET
SOMETHING OUT THERE AND WORKING*. Worry about all the model details 
for release 2, but get a system taht people can try out and modify etc.

We could easily use postgres as the repository or one of the UML->XML
notations that are around into plain files. We could put together a
user interface in tcl/tk or GTk or something. There is not a whole lot
of work in doing this if people pull together (which is what I thought
this was all about). This is not rocket science. We are not trying to
do anything radical or new here. Have another list for the discussion
about models but get some reall concrete suggestions, particularly about
what existing stuff we can use *NOW*  (there was some discussion abotu
some tool that existed - it woudln't run for me though as far as I