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(FC-Devel) End of project

I have come to a very difficult decision.  It think it is reasonable to
make the statement that the project has basically died.  This is
unfortunate because there still seems to be a great deal of interest in
seeing this project succeed.  I still recieve email from people joining
the mailing list and wanting to help.  Regardless of the enthusiasm, we
have come to a standstill.  

I take most of the responsibility for this situation and thank all of you
for the help you have given.  I now believe that the open source community
will be best served by knowing that the project is no longer functioning
rather than assuming we are working.  This assumption might very well
prevent another active group from picking up where we left off.  

I would prefer to call it quits, place the project in a freeze, and wait
for some group with more time to pick it up.  If possible, I would like to
keep the website and mail archives available at their present location.
I'll go in and make comments indicating that the project is defunct.

Another factor is that I am about to have major changes in my life and
will not be able to participate as project manager any longer.  I have
said this before, but this time the changes are more significant.

Thank you all for you email and support this year as we tried to do
something the whole world truly wanted.  I am still amazed at the total
number of people who were interested and all the places they came from.

Please let me know if you have any comments before I actually terminate
the project.

BTW, one way to prevent this is for someone in the group to step up and
take this thing to heart and accept responsibility for the project.  Any

Best regards,
Jeff Wolfe