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(FC-Devel) RE: DBs vs CVS

Hi Andrezej,

> 3. My personal opinion is that all above objects should be stored in a
> DATABASE. This solution is used by Oracle as well as System Architect (a
> specialized db). I think that a reasonable choice of free database is
> Postgres, which has reached a minimal necessary maturity level. The
> other question is a user interface. One can be simply alphanumeric for
> screen form data input. The other, graphical one, would be necessary for
> diagrams.

On the question of using a database, while I would agree it would 
be nice (and at least one other person has suggested Postgres I 
think), I have a couple of questions. Firstly, which platforms does it
support? The minimum supported platforms for FreeCASE were 
Linux & Win32, as I recall. Does Postgres support Win32? This is 
of vital importance to me, as I don't actually have a computer of my 
own at the moment, and only have access to Win32 machines. 
Secondly, what licence does it use? If we were going to use it then 
I think it would need to be GPLed, correct?

Duane Griffin.

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