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(FC-Devel) RE: Language choice

Hi Andrezej,

> 4. And the question C++ or Java is valid only for graphical interface
> and strictly speaking it is not clear whether it makes sense now. What
> has to be done in the nearest future is some king of prototyping. An
> interpreter with interpreting environment, debugging environment is the
> easiest solution. That language should support graphics environment as
> well. In my opinion a reasonable solution might also be tcl/tk since it
> has an interface to postgress as well. As soon as something working has
> been got it can be transfered to C++, Java or whatever. Perhaps my last
> opinion is because of my experience (I do not have a lot of experience
> with C++, and almost none with Java).

Hmm, well we will have to decide which language to use for all 
components of the system, not just the interface. I would 
personally be happiest with C or C++ for the repository server side 
of things, and Java as the client, but hey, whatever. I have to say 
that tcl/tk is certainly not one of my favourite languages, actually 
the complete opposite, but I could live with it if people wanted to 
use it. There is the matter of the Argo tool though (written in Java), 
which would be a bit of a boon if we could utilise it.

Duane Griffin.

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