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Re: (FC-Devel) Do not get Disheartened. We Can try to make a fres h Start.

> 4. And the question C++ or Java is valid only for graphical interface and
> strictly speaking it is not clear whether it makes sense now. What has to be
> done in the nearest future is some king of prototyping. An interpreter with
> interpreting environment, debugging environment is the easiest solution.
> That language should support graphics environment as well. In my opinion a
> reasonable solution might also be tcl/tk since it has an interface to
> postgress as well. As soon as something working has been got it can be
> transfered to C++, Java or whatever.
> Perhaps my last opinion is because of my experience (I do not have a lot of
> experience with C++, and almost none with Java).
> Andrzej Mazurkiewicz

I like your ideas 1-3, although I think Booch Diagrams do some of the things 
you've been hoping to see in CASE.

I would vote for Python as a prototyping language.  You can use Tk with 
Python, Python also has a Postgres binding, I think it's a superior language, 
and can take us further before we may need to switch to another language, and 
another group is working on bindings from Python to UxF, which has been 
suggested as a data-exchange format for Freecase.

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