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Re: (FC-Devel) RE: Language choice

Hi Duane,

See comments within your text.


duane.griffin@paradigm.co.nz wrote:
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > -- ---------------- I am afraid that I have not expressed myself clearly
> > enough. Personally I think that DBMSs should be used for database
> > applications. Postgres is such kind of DBMS. tcl is only procedural
> > language that makes certain non-SQL processing easier and allows
> > reasonable access to Postgres (via pg_ extesion). What can be reasonably
> > done in SQL should be done in SQL. Other things should be done in other
> > language suitable to the application.
> Well, I am not sure that I would classify a CASE tool as a
> database application. The DB, if we use one, would just be used as
> a repository, exactly as CVS would if we used that. In fact the
> storage facility should really be transparent, only the repository
> server should know or need to know how it is implemented.

CSM> Making the repository transparent to the clients is definitely the
CSM> right thing to do.  We really need to find the abstraction for
CSM> the repository and hide the implementation of the repository even
CSM> from most of the Repository Server (The server should not be
CSM> to using a DB or CVS).  Why not try to make it pluggable.  We could
CSM> even plug in sort for an OO Database.
> > tk is a graphical extesion to tcl used mainly in Xwindows environment (but
> > there is also tk for Win32 as far as I know). So the compound of Postgres
> > and tcl/tk should handle database part (Postgres), procedural part (tcl)
> > and graphical interface (tk).
> >
> > tcl/tk is an interpreter so it provides an environment as well what is
> > important in prototyping when you have to check certain feature quickly.
> Yes, I am somewhat familiar with tcl/tk, but it has been a long time
> since I wrote anything in them, and I haven't ever used them a lot.
> Frankly, and this is only my opinion, I didn't like them at all. Maybe
> I didn't give them enough of a chance or something, but I *really*
> disliked using tcl. I have never found interpreted environments, ala
> tcl, to be that useful for prototyping / development myself. Maybe it
> is my lack of experience with them, but I find compiled programs &
> a decent debugger are just as useful.

CSM> And I would say more stable and scalable.

> Cheers,
> Duane.
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