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(FC-Devel) New project coordinator

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The project has been saved from certain limbo.  A new
project coordinator with sufficient time and drive has
stepped up and volunteered to take the job.  The position
will be filled by Sami BEN GRINE.  Sami can be reached by
email at sami.bengrine@lemel.fr.  Sami has consistently
indicated a desire to help and concern for the project to me
via email.  I would like to personally thank Sami for taking
over and not letting the project die.  Please join me in
welcoming Sami to the management team.

With this email, I officially step down and pass the baton. 
Thank you all for your tremendous show of support and
interest in FreeCASE.  I'm glad to see that so many other
people agree that a tool like this needs to be developed.

Best regards,
Jeff Wolfe
FreeCASE Project Coordinator, Retired.