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Re: (FC-Devel) New project coordinator

> The project has been saved from certain limbo.  A new
> project coordinator with sufficient time and drive has
> stepped up and volunteered to take the job.  The position
> will be filled by Sami BEN GRINE.  Sami can be reached by
> email at sami.bengrine@lemel.fr.  Sami has consistently
> indicated a desire to help and concern for the project to me
> via email.  I would like to personally thank Sami for taking
> over and not letting the project die.  Please join me in
> welcoming Sami to the management team.

My thanks to Jeff, who got us going, and to Sami, for taking the baton.

I don't envy Sami: it's pretty tough to revive a moribund project, even when 
the volunteers are eager, but I think the sooner he takes advantage of the 
recent surge of interest, the better.  The holidays will of course get in the 
way, but come 1999, we should be circulating a list of specific issues for 
debate, and then a to-do list for people to sign on.

We have a requirements document, we should all examine it and make our 
comments.  We should publish a charter to get another round of interest and 
perhaps inject energy.

I'll try to do my part by posting my comments on the requirements, and a list 
of the outstanding issues that have been posted.

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