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Re: (FC-Devel) New project coordinator

We have a new co-ordinator and we are already bogged down in
pseudo-management bullshit! Please let's just do the job! We dont need
timelines and expertise charts. We know what we want in the first
place :

1) A tool to do UML diagrams that is portable between platforms, and

2) A repository for the designs created.

We do not need to argue about language - there *should* be multiple
versions of 1: One in tcl/tk, on in Java and one in C/C++ & GTk (or Qt
- whatever - I dont care!) and on ein whatever your favourite language
is (in case you want to know, mine is tcl/tk and I think Java is an
abomination, but if you want to be damned for all eternity and use it
that's OK by me).

For 2 we should postgres because it is there and there are
APIs for it. We also ought to be able to produce XML format data files
for people who dont want the database (and so people can e-mail
designs around to each other).

All the meta-discussion is fine, but it is displacement
activity. Let's get something on the desktop that we can argue about
and develop! As I have said before this is not rocket science!