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Re: (FC-Devel) Status of Development

Alexander wrote:

> Lindsay.Marshall@newcastle.ac.uk wrote:
> > We are not going to get
> > *anywhere* until we have some code. You can plan all you like but
> > nothing will come of it except more and more planning. We need
> > something that people can kick the tyres on *NOW* not in a couple of
> > months. As I keep saying the planning is fine and admirable and all
> > that - and I am all for it, but we need code and we need it now.

I understand your impatience and hope to remedy it soon.  Now if I can just give
up Quake 2 I'll have plenty of time...

> My question is simple -- *WHY* ?

At the moment we have a few broad requirements.  I view _any_ actual
contribution as welcome.  Lets do it people.

> Just to make another deathmarch ? :(

We will only fail if no-one contributes.  Once the ball is rolling, I think
things will be easier.  Bits may fly off (I'm planning a Shlaer Mellor based
client) but the main path of the ball will be clear.  Arguing documentation vs
code isn't productive, producing either is.  Even code that isn't used or
documentation that no-one else agrees with are valuable!  (They document blind
alleys and help justify the stuff that is used.)

Chris Moore