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RE: (FC-Devel) Status of Development

Hi Dean,

> I recently heard about the FreeCase project and I want to contribute in
> way possible to get this completed.  I have read the list archives to see
> what had gone on before.  I also navigated the web site as best I could.

A good start.

>I then asked about the status of the project. My concerns:  
> 1. It seems we still don't have a complete definition of what we are
> building.

A UML CASE tool based on the rational/omg docs.  The repository is defined
the IDL.  May have to add some bits to cover the diagrams.  The UI is a bit
woolly at the moment.  Maybe you'd like to start that side of things?

I'd be glad to start there.  What do you mean by "a bit woolly at the

> 2. Who is working on what,


> and how does someone wishing to contribute begin?

There are some requirements somewhere on the web site.  Write some design
or use cases?

The only requirements I've seen are The Functional Requirements on Andrey's
page.  Is this the one we're using?  If so, I'll start from there and flesh
them out.

> 3. The two responses that I received indicated that two people are working
> on the same area (repository) with different methods.  Are we going to end
> up with two repositories?

I hope not.  I'm in communication with Andrey and he liked my idea of using

I'm assuming you mean "OA&D CORBAfacility Interface Definition".  Am I

I've been looking for a project like FreeCASE for ages.  I've seen other
projects which were enthusiastic but petered out.  This one looked like it
going the same way not so long ago.  Thats why I'm looking to get some
done quickly.

I'm the same.  I've looked for a long time.  I'd hate to see this one die.
I agree that we need to get somehting out as soon as possible.  I'll pitch
in to get that done.

I've just been looking at the Argo UML code.  They seem to have UML
code which we may be able to use.  Haven't been able to DL the code from
though :-( and its written in Java which is new to me.  Still, I enjoy a

Have we agreed that we are using ArgoUML as a basis?  Do we agree that we
are using Java as the GUI?  

Chris M. Moore