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Re: (FC-Devel) Status of Development


"Lavergne, Dean" wrote:

> I had to barge in, but I'll do it anyway :)
> I recently heard about the FreeCase project and I want to contribute in any
> way possible to get this completed.  I have read the list archives to see
> what had gone on before.  I also navigated the web site as best I could.  I
> then asked about the status of the project.

  I too I'm new (though a bit less newer than you :-) ) to this list. here is as
as I could understand :

  The main concern of the group for the moment is to establish full
The wohas not progressed for a while but it is restarting, it seems to me.

  I agree with the importance of the requirements, but I also try to progress
a bit with analysis in parallel to it. I'm supervising student SE projects and
about 20 of them will be working on analysis and design of a CASE. We'll
limit our work to the modeilisation of the main types of diagrams (Static and
Dynamic) of OMT/UML for the moment. I'll get the results in June (but then
I have to work on them for fusion, correction and translation into Engllish).

  We also will try to study and anlayse the code of DIA (freeware available for

> My concerns:
> 1. It seems we still don't have a complete definition of what we are
> building.
> 2. Who is working on what, and how does someone wishing to contribute begin?
> 3. The two responses that I received indicated that two people are working
> on the same area (repository) with different methods.  Are we going to end
> up with two repositories?
> I would like to begin working on FreeCase.  I'm willing to work in any area
> where I'm needed.  My questions are: Do we know what we are building?, Who
> is working on what?, How does someone new begin to contribute?

  I think that a good point to start is to answer your questions :-) I hope that

those who've been here longer than I will do. Actually, I too think that we
need to enhance the site with a "Contribute-HOWTO".