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(FC-Devel) Status of Development

I had to barge in, but I'll do it anyway :)

I recently heard about the FreeCase project and I want to contribute in any
way possible to get this completed.  I have read the list archives to see
what had gone on before.  I also navigated the web site as best I could.  I
then asked about the status of the project.  

My concerns:  

1. It seems we still don't have a complete definition of what we are
2. Who is working on what, and how does someone wishing to contribute begin?
3. The two responses that I received indicated that two people are working
on the same area (repository) with different methods.  Are we going to end
up with two repositories?

I would like to begin working on FreeCase.  I'm willing to work in any area
where I'm needed.  My questions are: Do we know what we are building?, Who
is working on what?, How does someone new begin to contribute?

If I have missed some documentation somewhere that would answer these
questions, please point the way for me.  If such documentation does not
exist, how do we go about creating some?

I want to ensure that anyone who is interested in contributing to the
project does not get discouraged because of a lack of information on how to
get started.  I think FreeCase is a great project - let's not let it

Thanks for listening,