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FWD: Re: (FC-Devel) TAO and UML CORE

Should have sent this to the list but I just 'replied' and replies go straight
back to the list owner.  Can this be fixed?


Chris Moore

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> Hi everybody,

Hi Sami,

> I have changed my mind with the ORB and changed for TAO (don't ask why, it's
> just that it seems very efficient and more complete than the others - we'll
> see later if we have to change that).

Dang, just as I'd got the latest version of MICO mostly working.

> I have retrieved the reflective and
> uml_core packages from the UML CORBA IDLs ; the stuff compile fine and I'am
> now ready to implements the classes.

Yes, I've got exactly that far with MICO.  Done the easy bit.  Been reading the
definition of the Reflective module in the MOF document.  My head hurts.

> I have choosen Linux because Windoze is
> still the programmer's nightmare (I'll seek volunteers later for the
> port...).


> I am glad to see the activity around UXF.

Ditto.  May even add an Ada codegen later on...

Chris Moore

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