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(FC-Devel) IDL

>Maybe we can use #include to pull our code into the different sets of
>Are the parameters passed to the stubs the same for both orbs?

Don't know yet. The IDL compilers have to be called with different parameter
because the stubs and skeletons don't have the same names.

>> I suggest we post reflective, uml_core and a generic Makefile on the web
>> site (your development section).OK sounds good.  It might be an idea to
make the IDL a bit more readable though.
> I don't know what yours looks like but mine is very flat (no indentation).

I have started splitting the huge file in more readble pieces and enclosed
each one with #define COMPONENTNAME_IDL. It means we'll have one file per

>Each coder would need to sign his name to a class so that we know who is
>what.  That should help avoid duplicating effort.

Yes, I'll have to include some tags like $author, $date and $log.

>> A CVS repository would be nice so I'll check that this evening if
>> you're ok. I'm OK.  In case you're wondering, I haven't confirmed my
development leadership
>role because I don't think I've merited it yet.  And after July things
could get
>a bit interesting for me; my wife is 4 months pregnant.

Didn't have time yesterday for CVS (have to split the monster before).
I'll think about the development leadership.