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(FC-Devel) FreeCase

Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you a very nice email from Richard Alam (see

I think it's a bright idea. When we have a good piece of software, it would
be nice to set up a FreeCase fundation with a well known international
charity organization. This would garanty that our software remains free and
that any potential profit goes to back to the community - so goes back to


    Sami Ben Grine
    FreeCase project coordinator

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Richard Alam <ritzalam@engsoc.carleton.ca>
À : sami.bengrine <sami.bengrine@infonie.be>
Date : mardi 16 février 1999 05:26
Objet : Re: (FC-Devel) FAQ and other topics

>I have been thinking for a while how to put open source and freeCASE to a
>good use, aside from having it free. We can use this to a good cause. How
>about in the license agreement, putting a clause something about
>"If you find this software useful, please donate to a charity on behalf
>of the freeCASE org."
>An example charity will be an organization that does cancer research or
>my sugestion is a Children's Hospital here in Ottawa (CHEO) at
>I haven't decided on how to contribute yet but maybe the above is a start.
>Hope I'm not asking too much.
>Best Regards,