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Re: Re : Re: (FC-Devel) Welcome volunteers! Now what? and some Q forSami.

> Now I have splitted the file into manageable classes, the stuff is rejected 
> by the MICO IDL compiler. The problem is that CORBA modules are mapped to C++
> 'struct' which can not be open twice. You can't have a class declaration 
> enclose a struct definition followed be a new class declaration in the same 
> module.


> The alternative are :
> * change for a compiler that supports namespaces. This means less 
> portability

egcs.  I was looking at the cygnus site yesterday.  Apparently their cygwin
project now has egcs 1.1.1 binaries for Win32.  Ah, more software to install :)

> * change ORB.


> * keep this single huge IDL file.

Easy if we use egcs (I think!).

> * change language generation (map to Java). Drawbacks ?

The Java 2 ORB is very basic from what (little) I've seen.  There are other Java
ORBs about, although I have no idea where!  Maybe a little too bleeding edge at
the moment?

Chris Moore