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Re : Re: (FC-Devel) Welcome volunteers! Now what? and some Q for Sami.

>My understanding of Core relates to one of the IDL modules that
>comprises the UML CORBA definition.  See the OMG site for the doc "OA&D
>CORBAfacility Interface Definition" (97-08-09.pdf).

That's right.

>The IDL is directly from the OA&D doc, althougth I think Sami has broken it
>into more easily digestable pieces.

Now I have splitted the file into manageable classes, the stuff is rejected 
by the MICO IDL compiler. The problem is that CORBA modules are mapped to C+
+ 'struct' which can not be open twice. You can't have a class declaration 
enclose a struct definition followed be a new class declaration in the same 
module. The alternative are :
* change for a compiler that supports namespaces. This means less 
* change ORB.
* keep this single huge IDL file.
* change language generation (map to Java). Drawbacks ?

Your point of view ?