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(FC-Devel) FAQ and other topics

Hi everybody,

Thanks Danny for your mail about the FAQ. There are tons of things we would
like to add, so Arup, welcome to the FreeCase development Group :-)

I'd like to add that some IRC meetings might be interesting. I really
appreciate to read your mails because I feel some kind of team spirit around
the project those days. That's great.

I have to go back to the MICO compiler... I'll be away next week for an
Architecture meeting at Cap Gemini.
Last thing which has nothing to do with the project. I have to confess that
I'm quite busy every week-end because my so young and beautiful wife has a
f.... high-grade T4 cancer of the lymphatic system. This has given me the
highest motivation to make FreeCase a success story.

Thanks for all the time you invest in FreeCase and don't forget to take care
of your family ;-)

    Sami Ben Grine
    FreeCase Project Coordinator